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Lomariopsidaceae family

Nephrolepis brownii
(Desvaux) Hovenkamp & Miyamoto
, Blumea 50(2): 293.  2005.
Bas.: Nephrodium brownii Desvaux (1827).
Syn.: Nephrolepis multiflora (Roxburgh) F. M. Jarrett ex C. V. Morton (1974).

Naturalized very common terrestrial, epiphytic, lithophytic, on buildings, at all elevations except the highest.
Native to tropical Africa, tropical Asia.
Invasive, replacing native terrestrial and epiphytic ferns
Since FLA was written, this species has become very common at the expense of Nephrolepis rivularis.  
Midvein of pinnae on upper side covered in very small hairs.
Rhizome scales bicolorous.
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