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Asteraceae family

Emilia praetermissa
Kew Bull. 1950, 375 (1951).
1950, 375 (1951).

Herb discovered by myself and Melvin Smith growing around the Sulphur Springs, January 31, 2013. Its leaves are less pubescent than Emilia fosbergii (which also grows at the Sulphur Springs) and it its branches spread along the ground

It is a tetraploid hybrid between the cosmopolitam Emilia sonchifolia var. sonchifolia
and an African species Emilia lisowskiana and is therefore probably of African origin.
It is reported as invasive in Taiwan and also common in Saint Vincent (Mark da Silva).
Given Taiwanese diplomatic ties with some African countries and Saint Vincent and associated aid, it is a possibility that the plant spread from Africa to Taiwan and thence to Saint Vincent and on to Saint Lucia. Further spread on the islands is likely.

Update January 2016 - plant observed growing on Petit Piton.
Update May 2016 - rampant growth in fields near Morne Jacques, Choiseul.