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Deciduous seasonal forest: equivalent to dry forest where many of the taller trees lose all their leaves during the dry season. Usually quite close to the coast.

Semi-evergreen seasonal forest: forest found by rivers and roads and between fields in agricultural areas. Some leaf loss during the dry season.

Lower montane rainforest: mainly in the rainforest reserve with no seasonal leaf loss.

Montane rainforest:  on the high steep slopes of the Mount Gimie range.

Cloud montane rainforest: on the summits of the Gimie range

Elfin shrublands: on very windy spots on the summits of the Mount Gimie range

Indigenous:  Plants considered to have been members of the Saint Lucian flora prior to colonial times.

Naturalized: Plants introduced into Saint Lucia in colonial times and later, now growing wild.

Escaped: Agricultural and garden plants, growing wild around the planted area.

Trees that are planted and persistant (for example breadfruit, sour orange) are not included in the wild plant lists.

No recent collection- no collections since 1939 (pre-Beard) but mentioned in Howard’s Flora of The Lesser Antilles as being present in St. Lucia
Gardens: cultivated areas close to houses
Farms:  small-holdings
Plantations:  large farms.

Lower elevations: 1-350m
Middle elevations: 350-700m
Higher elevations: 700-1050m

Parishes are in italics; Laborie is the town, Laborie the parish.