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Araceae family

Anthurium cordatum
(Linnaeus) Schott,  Wiener Z. Kunst (3): 828.  1829.
Bas.: Pothos cordata Linnaus  (1762).


West Indian endemic.   
Robust common lithophytic herb of steep deciduous seasonal forest and semi-evergreen seasonal forest and ravines.
Dominica, Martinique, Monserrat, Saba, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Greater Antilles (Jamaica), Virgin Islands.

This species was made synonymous with Anthurium guildingii Schott in FLA and in the Catalogue. However the 2 species are quite distinct
(pers. comm. T. Croat of MOBOT).

(Our A. cordatum may be a separate (Saint Lucian endemic) species but has not yet been published (pers. comm. T. Croat)