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Araceae family

Epipremnum pinnatum
(Linnaeus) Engler
in H.G.A. Engler, Pflanzenr. IV. 23B (Heft 37): 60. 1908.
Bas.: Pothos pinnatus Linnaeus (1763).
Syn.: Epipremnum aureum
(Linden & André) Bunting (1964).
Syn.: Scindapsus pinnatus (L.) Schott (1832).

Naturalized robust vine of wet spots at lower elevations, especially by rivers.
Quite common, becoming more common.
Native to Asia.
Also a cultivated ornamental.
The yellow and green leaf type is often considered var. aureum. The plain green leaf type also exists but is less common.
Replacing the native Monstera adansonii in some river valleys, therefore showing signs of becoming invasive.