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Commelinaceae family

Tradescantia spathacea
Swartz, Prodr. 57.  1788.
Syn.: Tradescantia discolor L’Héritier (1788).

Rhoeo discolor (L’Héritier) Hance (1852).

Moses-in-the cradle
Naturalized quite rare herb of rocky dry hills in populated areas.
Native to Mesoamerica.
Also cultivated as an ornamental.
I believe that this species is a potentially serious invasive of the dry rocky slopes of the Pitons, threatening the native ground flora.  It must not be cultivated in that area/removed from it. An awareness programme is required for the community of Fond Gens Libres.
Update September 2013. Discovered growing on middle slopes of Gros Piton and removed (Chris Sealys).