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Verbenaceae family

Lantana strigocamara
R. W. Sanders
, Sida 22(1): 392, t. 4.  2006.

Jiwòf flè. Bwa wa tou. Pis a bed.
Very common pantropical shrub of open and semi-open dry, moist and wet areas at lower and middle elevations. Possibly a hybrid(s) escaped from cultivation.

This is a highly variable species found throughout St. Lucia. It  is referred to in FLA as Lantana camara and Lantana urticifolia. However my many collections have all been identified as Lantana strigocamara. The taxonomy is complicated and some prefer to consider L. camara a species complex.
It is in the "100 of the World's Worst Invasive Alien Species" list (as L. camara).

A cultivar also grows wild.
Local medicinal uses
Also cultivated