Cocos nucifera
herbal medicinal uses
Young jelly coconuts for drinking. Coconut milk (for cooking) made from matures coconuts. Fibre after cream has been extracted is used in cakes.
Husks are used for lighting fires and  to improve moisture-retention in soil.
The matting on the trunk can be used when shredded in mattresses.  The matting is also used to strain coconut milk. Copra used to make cooking oil, soaps.
The shells are burned to dry coconuts to make  copra. The remains of the shells are used as charcoal.
Leaves are used to make roofs and walls of kitchens and shelters. Dried leaves are platted and lit to roast cashew nuts. The ribs of leaves are used to make a yard broom and in handicrafts. The whole dried inflorescence is used in the same way.
Children push the leaf stalks in front of them by means of sticks in holes. ( a toy)
Cleaned coconut used with seeds inside as a musical instrument. Also used  as a money box.
Rotting roots make good compost.
The trunk can be used as house pillars.

Melvin Smith