Medicinal Plants

Abrus precatorius
The leaves of Abrus precatorius(gwenn légliz, crab eyes) are used with other bush to make a syrup for chronic asthma. The seeds are sometimes used in crafts, but this is discouraged because of the toxicity. The seeds are also put in lamps to make the oil last longer. One herbalist uses of leaves or the seeds to stop hemorrhage in women. For this remedy the seeds are parched with a dry ochra pod, Abelmoschus esculentus, then boiled with three leaves of lozey (sorrel), Hibiscus sabdariffa, and some chouvalyé wonzé leaves, Portulaca pilosa, strained, and given to the person to drink. Drink a tea of the flowers to become a duppy man or women. The seeds of this plant contain the phytotoxin abrin, a protein molecule of high toxicity when chewed. It is destroyed by heat.