Medicinal Plants

Ayapana triplinervis
Ayapana triplinervis commonly treats colds, fever, bles, and an upset stomach. Athough usually combined with other herbs, it can be used alone in a tea. For colds it is combined in a tea with la fle siwo (Sambucus simpsonii), chapantyé (Justicia pectoralis) and chak chak (Crotalaria retusa). Sometimes cinnamon and mint is used instead of chak chak (also used for convulsions), or when vomiting and diarrhea occurs, turmeric (Curcuma longa), a three-inch piece with three leaves each of djapanna and chapantyé, boiled and sweetened and ½ cup given four times a day. It is also an ingredient in a syrup for asthma. For an upset stomach a tea is made with djapanna, or add gwen anbafey blan (Phyllanthus amarus) a la fle siwo.