Medicinal Plants

Bursera simaruba
A syrup is made of acajou blan (Guarea sp.) tjitjima (Curcuma domestica) and bark of Bursera simaruba. The tjitjima is grated and pounded, water added and all the liquid squeezed out. This water is strained and put to boil with a quart of honey, two pieces of bark of gonmyé and acajou. It is boiled down to a syrup and used for ``anything wrong inside.’’ A similar medication, a tea, without the acajou but using four leaves of chapantyé (Justicia pectoralis), is also recommended for bles. Another herbalist adds even more herbs in a tea for bles. Also for bles, especially in children, a piece of bark is combined with three leaves of black sage (Cordia martinicensis); three leaves of kalbas (Crescentia cujeta); a little turmeric (Curcuma longa); a branch of fonbwazen (Ocimum micranthum) and three to five leaves of zeb a goudon. A little sugar is added plus salt and rum for adults and ½ cup drunk three times a day.