Medicinal Plants

Carica papaya
Green paw paw, Carica papaya, is used for high blood pressure. Cut the paw paw into pieces and use two or three pieces to make a tea twice a day. Too much can make your pressure go too low. The ripe fruit is also eaten for the heart. Paw paw is beaten to a paste with lard, smeared on a clean pepper leaf (Capsicum frutescens) and placed on a carbuncle to draw it out. The seeds are eaten as an anthelminthic. As a cooling, grate and pour boiling water over it and drink twice a day. The root is boiled and used to treat gonorrhea. To treat foule, a green paw paw is boiled, a poultice made with lard and applied warm. The latex of paw paw, used in meat tenderized, can cause irritant dermatitis.