Medicinal Plants

Chaptalia nutans
It’s claimed that if you tell fèy do blan, Chaptalia nutans. you love it, it will grow by your house. This way you have dependable supply. The leaves are boiled and drunk for gas. A tea of the seeds of fonmajé (Ceiba pentantra) and leaves of fèy do blan will allow you to invoke the Devil. If you need to vomit because your stomach hurts and you think someone might have put something in you drink, a tea of fèy do blan may help. mawi pouwi (Petiveria alliacea) and chapantye (Justicia pectoralis) may be added. For diarrhea a tea of mawi powi, chapantye, fèy do blan, djapanna (Eupatorium triplinerve) and guava (Psidium guajava) is recommended.