Medicinal Plants

Citrus aurantium
For post-delivery and other female health care, Citrus × aurantium, sour orange, is often used, combined with other herbs, especially bonné kawé (Cardiospermum microcarpum), as a tisane or tea. The juice, added to the water used to boil a shoot of pistach mawon (Desmodium barbatum), with a little salt is said to bring in the mother’s milk. It is also used for colds with china (Exostema sanctae-luciae). An inch of china bark is boiled in little water; the juice of ½ sour orange and a spoon of whale oil is added. Also warm a sour orange in hot ashes, cut it and rub it on the feet for athlete’s foot. If children eat large quantities of the peel of sour orange it can cause violent colic and death.