Medicinal Plants

Guaiacum officinale
As a treatment for venereal disease one inch each of gayak bark and mayoc chapel bark (Entada polystachya) are grated and covered with two quarts of cold water. Dosage is one cup three times a day. In addition, an inch of gayak bark is boiled in a cup of water and a teaspoon taken four times a day. Potassium nitrate in coconut water or with glauber salt and potassium of iodine in Porter, completes this treatment. Gayak, preferably the bark, may be used with great caution with Lipton tea and a young pineapple (Ananas comosus) for abortion. Gayak is also used for rheumatism and fever. Resins in the wood and fruit of gayak can cause poisoning if ingested in quantity.