Medicinal Plants

Lantana strigocamara
Suggested as a remedy for cough, three leaves of Lantana and three leaves each of tabak djab (Pluchea odorate) and fe manme (Annona glabra) are boiled and drunk as a tea. Or, also for coughs, four inches of white sage, two inches of tjitjima (Curcuma domestica) and four inches of chapantyé (Justicia pectoralis) are boiled together and sweetened. White sage is also recommended for hoarseness (anwé). This plant has been used to clear the urine of diabetics but warning is given not to use it too often. For skin rash on the head, white sage leaves are mixed with two ounces of lard which has been washed seven times and one tablespoon each of cold liver oil and powder sulphur. This is rubbed on the head twice a day. For sores, kasialata leaves (Cassia alata), white sage leaves (handfuls), chinna bark (Exostema sanctae-luciae) and sassafras bark are crushed in water and the water used to wash the sores. The fruit of white sage contains a toxic triterpene derivative, lantadene A. Children have been fatally poisoned by eating these berries.