Medicinal Plants

Mentha nemorosa
For gastritis lanmant fanm is boiled with Ocimum campechianum and a little lesane lanmant added before drinking. Also ti bonm blan (Croton bixoides) and go diten (Coleus amboinicus) are boiled with lanment fanm for the same problem. For a common cold lanment fanm is boiled with chapantyé (Justicia pectoralis), djapanna (Eupatorium triplinerve), and an inch of cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum). This tea is sweetened with honey and drunk three times a day. For part of this treatment coconut oil (Cocos nucifera) is mixed with menthol crystals to rub on the head and chest morning and night. For problems with menstrual flow a decoction is made of mint. St. John’s bush (Justicia secunda) and planten (Plantago major), three leaves of each, and cinnamon. One-half cup is drunk morning and night. Lanmant tea is also drunk for gas.