Medicinal Plants

Petiveria alliacea
For diarrhea a tea made of the leaves of mawi pouwi, chapantyé (Justicia pectoralis), fey do blan (Chaptalia nutans), djapanna (Eupatorium triplinerve) and guava (Psidium guajava) is recommended. The more common use of mawi pouwi, however, is for bathing, drinking or washing the house or boat to keep evil spirits away. Mixed with mayhont (Mimosa pudica) or fe do blan it causes vomiting to prevent poisoning. As a bath it helps women deliver baby if they are ``tied.’’ With go diten (Coleus amboinicus) it keeps someone from ``telling tales about people’’ (depale). ``If people trick you’’ use as a drink or bath. It is also used with other ingredients for gas. For toothaches, the inner white layer is scraped and out into the cavity. Top release a bad spell, wash with seven crushed leaves then throw them over your shoulder and don’t look back. For an old sore that won’t heal, the leaves are boiled, squeezed dry, then lard added that has been washed seven times. This poultice is then palced on the sore. It is said, to rid the house of bed bugs, pick the plant and place it under the house or bed. It is sometimes used to repell insects from poultry.