Medicinal Plants

Psidium guajava
A tea of the new leaves of Psidium guajava, guava, with sugar is given for worms and bellyache but the most common medicinal use is to stop diarrhea. The young leaves may be chewed, swallowing the juice or boiled and drunk. A piece of burned bread can be added. Some herbalists add other leaves: the yellow leaves of Cordia martinicensis, three leaves of guava, and three of blackberries (Myrcia citrifolia) in a tea with a little sugar. Or a tea with the guava, mawi pouwi (Petiveria alliaceae), and djapanna (Eupatorium triplinerve). For children with diarrhea, five leaves of blackberries, three tiny leaves of guava, and a bit of ginger as tea is recommended. Other used include: for cuts, pound the leaves, add oil or rum and cover the wound; for fits caused by worms, boil young leaves and add salt; for lota, rub leaves on the skin; for worms and bellyache, make a leaf tea with sugar; for women whose period won’t stop, peal the guava, take out the seed, boil the white skin and drink the tea until the problem stops; and finally for indigestion, a tea which includes, besides guava leaves, zeb a ve (Chenopodium ambrosioides), leaves of ponm kannel (Annon squamosa) and a little piece of avocado pear.