Medicinal Plants

Ricinus communis
To treat prolapsed uterus, leaves of gwen makwisti and zeb a chat are passed in the fire, rubbed with castor oil and inserted into the vagina. For mumps a plaster of hot ash is put under the throat and then the throat is rubbed with warm castor oil. Castor oil on cotton is used in the ear for earache. For constipation a big spoon of castor oil and two spoons of cooking oil are given or for a purge, castor oil, Barbados oil, and vegetable oil is mixed with senna pod, white of an egg, Porter and milk. Castor oil is rubbed on the hair and scalp to make the hair black and thick. After childbirth, if there is a blood clot under the navel, rub with castor oil vinegar in a white castor bean.