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West Indian Plant Albums

Plants of The Eastern Caribbean
Virtual Field Herbarium: Grenada
West Indian Island Terrestrial Habitats
Flowering Plants of Saba
Flora of the West Indies
Flora and Fauna of Saint Eustacius
UK Overseas territories
Virtual Flora of El Verde Field Station, Puerto Rico

Nomenclatural Databases

Catalogue of  Seed Plants of the West Indies
TROPICOS- Missouri Botanical Garden
The Plant List
International Plant Name Index
Grin Taxonomy for Plants

Saint Lucian Wildlife

Reptiles and Amphibians of Saint Lucia
Mammals of Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia Forestry Department
Saint Eustacius

Geology of Saint Lucia

Geology of Soufriere
Herbarium UPRRP
Vegetation Types in Saint Lucia (page 31 onwards)
Terrestial Biozones.